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What Makes Our Anti-Aging Formula So Effective?
You may or may not be familiar with what scientists and doctors refer to as the "French Paradox." If you're not, it's very simple:

Much like our own, the lifestyle of the French isn't very heart-healthy. With high rates of smoking, diets consisting of many fatty foods, and very little exercise, one would expect the french to have a high rate of heart problems.

However, the *opposite* is true. The French have an abnormally low incidence rate of both heart disease and cancer! This is especially interesting for those of us in the United States, where heart disease tops the charts as a killer of men and women over forty.

For years this has baffled scientists, but recently they believe to have discovered the reason for this phenomenon in the form of a unique nutrient called Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is an amazing natural compound that is found in red wine, which the french consume quite a lot of as a nation. When taken at higher levels, Resveratrol creates a powerful anti-aging response in the body, actually increasing the effectiveness of natural anti-aging enzymes in the body called sirtuins.

This is the reason why our manufacturer's newest breakthrough product, our Ultimate Anti-Aging Formula, contains as much trans-resveratrol as is found in 45 bottles of wine - exactly the amount suggested by current research for optimal benefit!

Continued studies on resveratrol show very promising anti-aging benefits, and this natural wonder is making headlines in nutritional journals all around the world. Many consider resveratrol to be the wave of the future as a means of turning back the clock on aging, and nowhere can you find it in greater potency than in our Anti-Aging Formula!