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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Anti-Aging Formula
Our Anti-Aging Formula is absolutely revolutionary in the anti-aging market, so it's no wonder we're getting so much excitement and so many questions about it! If you have any questions at all, take a look at our FAQ below, and if your question isn't answered, then feel free to send us an email or ask one of our friendly representatives with our easy LiveChat feature.
Many of the nutrient potencies in our Anti-Aging Formula exceed the Federal Daily Value (DV). How were these potencies determined, and are they safe?
    The nutrient potencies in our Anti-Aging Formula are based on the most current recommendations coming from leading anti-aging scientists around the world. It is safe and highly recommended to take our Anti-Aging Formula every day.
Is your Anti-Aging Formula organic?
    No, yet every ingredient in our Anti-Aging Formula is ultra-pure, and the product is certified to be free from pesticides, growth hormones, or contaminants.
Is it Vegan friendly?
    Although the Anti-Aging Formula tablets are vegan-friendly, each packet also contains a high-potency omega-3 softgel that contains fish oil and beef gelatin.
Is your Anti-Aging Formula gluten-free?
Are there any age limitations to taking this product?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula is an anti-aging formula designed for adults, and should not be given to children under 12 years of age. We recommend our delicious chewable DinoPals® as a great alternative for kids.
Is it okay to take this product if I’m pregnant?
    Yes, although it does not supply iron. Please consult your physician to see if you need an iron supplement, which can be easily obtained at your local pharmacy.
Can I take your Anti-Aging Formula if I am breastfeeding?
How is your Anti-Aging Formula different than other anti-aging products in the market?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula is the most advanced and comprehensive anti-aging product we have ever seen. Our research has found that there is nothing like it on the market and it would take more than $600 per month to duplicate the nutrition in every box of our Anti-Aging Formula
How can the price of your Anti-Aging Formula be so much lower than similar products?
    Our manufacturer is committed to bringing you the best and most innovative formulas at prices that always represent a great value. We do not have the high advertising and promotion costs of other companies, so we can pack much more nutrition into our products. Additionally, because we purchase such large quantities from our suppliers, we get better pricing from them than our competitors do and we are happy to pass that savings on to our customers.
How many pills do you take a day with your Anti-Aging Formula?
    Each convenient our Anti-Aging Formula packet contains just 3 easy-to-swallow tablets and one omega-3 softgel capsule. We recommend one packet with your morning meal, and one with your afternoon or evening meal.
How is your Anti-Aging Formula different from a multi-vitamin?
    Multivitamins can only offer protection against classic deficiency syndromes such as scurvy. Our Anti-Aging Formula is designed to deliver a scientifically based, 14-way attack against the effects of premature aging.
Will the results of your Anti-Aging Formula be visible and/or noticeable?
    Most people will begin to notice a variety of beneficial results within the first few weeks. The overall benefit of our Anti-Aging Formula is cumulative, meaning that overtime, with consistent usage, your results will get better and better. Our Anti-Aging Formula is designed to be a part of your life-long strategy for optimal health and well-being. Our Anti-Aging Formula works deep at the cellular and molecular level to assist your body in the fight against aging.
Are there side effects to using your Anti-Aging Formula?
    There should be no side effects as long as our Anti-Aging Formula is taken with food. If taken on an empty stomach, it may cause mild and temporary gastrointestinal upset in a small number of people.
Have there been any clinical studies on your Anti-Aging Formula?
    There have been hundreds of clinical studies on the anti-aging ingredients in our Anti-Aging Formula, and the formula reflects the potencies shown to be beneficial in the most compelling research studies available today.
Is there anyone who shouldn’t take your Anti-Aging Formula?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula should not be taken by anyone who is allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients, or by those who cannot swallow tablets and softgel capsules. This product contains anchovy oil.
What is resveratrol and how does it work?
    Trans-Resveratrol is found naturally in red wine, and studies suggest that it may significantly extend the life of cells by switching on longevity genes known as sirtuins. Resveratrol is thought to explain the French Paradox. The French people do not generally live healthy lifestyles, and yet, their rates of heart disease and high blood pressure are far lower than those of other healthier-living societies. It has been suggested that the resveratrol in red wine holds the key to the exceptional health of the French. Each daily serving of our Anti-Aging Formula contains the resveratrol equivalent to drinking 45 bottles of red wine a day!
I'm going through menopause, will this help me?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula will help in many ways during menopause and beyond, and we also recommend the use of our manufacturer's women's health supplement for its additional female-specific benefits.
I'm too young to be concerned about aging. Will this product still benefit me?
    No matter what your age, there’s no stopping the clock. Our Anti-Aging Formula can help adults of all ages to look and feel their best for a lifetime!
Do I take this with or in place of the multivitamin I’m already taking?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula gives you advanced levels of vitamins and minerals, and a whole lot more. There is no need whatsoever to continue to take an ordinary multivitamin when you can also fight the clock with our Anti-Aging Formula
Is it really safe to mix so many supplements into one pill?
    The Our Anti-Aging Formula formula was scientifically formulated to be both safe and effective by Our manufacturer’s global Science Team.
How can you fit so many nutrients into such a small number of pills?
    There are absolutely no fillers in our Anti-Aging Formula It’s pure, concentrated nutrition, and nothing else!
Now that I’m taking your Anti-Aging Formula, should I stop being concerned about getting enough vitamins and minerals from my diet?
    An effective anti-aging strategy should always include healthy food choices, adequate hydration, plenty of exercise, and management of everyday stress.
How do I know if I’m aging prematurely?
    If you’re under stress, not eating a perfect diet, not exercising regularly, or are exposed to any environmental pollutants or toxins, you may not feel it, but you may be aging prematurely.
Why are omega-3s important for my health?
    Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the health of the brain, nervous system, digestive tract, and cardiovascular system. A diet rich in fish can provide these important nutrients, but many people choose not to eat fish because of food preferences or a fear of consuming mercury and other fish-borne toxins. The omega-3 fatty acids in our Anti-Aging Formula are ultra-purified so that you can take them in perfect safety.
How long will a box of your Anti-Aging Formula last?
    Each box of our Anti-Aging Formula contains 60 packets, a 30-day supply.
What can your Anti-Aging Formula do for me?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula protects your entire body in 14 important ways:
    1. Protects against premature aging
    2. Improves antioxidant defenses
    3. Helps to maintain beautiful hair, skin, and nails
    4. Supports maximum brain power
    5. Promotes boundless vitality and energy
    6. Helps promote cardiovascular health
    7. Promotes healthy immune function
    8. Promotes strong bones and teeth
    9. Supports supple, flexible joints
    10. Supports optimal digestive health
    11. Increases feelings of well-being
    12. Supports normal healthy vision
    13. Promotes normal stress management
    14. Helps to maintain healthy hormonal balance
Is it okay for me to take your Anti-Aging Formula if I am taking prescription medication?
    Although we know of no harmful interactions, we suggest that you consult your physician before taking our Anti-Aging Formula if you are taking prescription medicines.
Why should I pay $79.95 for this product when I can just purchase from a “big box” discount store?”
    You can certainly try to duplicate our Anti-Aging Formula, but you would have to spend more than $600 per month and take 63 pills per day, and you still won’t be able to find many of the nutrients at the correct potencies. We know, because we tried! We scoured the pharmacies, health food stores, and big box discount outlets in a major metropolitan area, and could not find all of the nutrients, or the high potencies found in our Anti-Aging Formula
Is this product kosher?
    Our Anti-Aging Formula is not certified kosher at the present time.